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DOUBLE ISSUE: Best Architecture Schools

Table of Contents  August 23 & 30, 2013

The Editor



G oing back to school maybe hated among many, but have the gift to further you intelligence is usually always appreciated. So as the school beings to move forward, I encourage you to look at it as I will have to be fresh be different want more. Want to be better and enjoy what you achieve even if its less then what you want.  

-Young Architect editor in chief of The Young Architect


This week's cover- was inspired by the picture
of a design school that borderlines on the whimsical.

 Top 10 Architecture Schools 

Some of the most beautiful campuses in the world

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corrections: This week's cover says
 August 22 & 29, 2013 while it is actually the August 23 & 30, 2013


Special Issue  

Our Pick
Of The Best 

#1 Harvard University 
#2 Columbia University 

#3 Yale University 
#4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

#5 Cornell University

#6 Southern California Institute of Architecture

#7 University of Virginia

#8 University of California, Berkeley

#9 Washington University in St. Louis 

#10 University of Cincinnati

These were the top 10 Architecture schools, Graduate
for a complete list here is the link below


The Most Beautiful


College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor Maine

Florida Southern College, Lakeland Florida

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

This Week  August 23 & 30, 2013

Best Reads  

 IT’S move-in day here at the University of North Carolina, and Leila Ismail, stuffed animals in tow, is feeling some freshman angst.

A few friendly upperclassmen spring into action.

But wait: there is something odd, or at least oddly corporate, about this welcome wagon. These U.N.C. students are all wearing identical T-shirts from American Eagle Outfitters.

I Read the story written by NATASHA SINGER for The New York Times
 Read the full story: 


Camara Roll

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